Folio Institutional - Our Preferred Custodian

Folio Institutional is Era’s preferred custodian for clients’ managed accounts. Folio provides secure asset custody and a state-of-the-art, patented portfolio management, trading, and brokerage platform to support investors needs. We use the platform to build and manage integrated investment portfolios called “folios” that can contain stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds and deliver better control and greater transparency for clients at a lower cost. We believe Folio Institutional is the most complete solution available for our clients seeking to meet the growing needs of today’s sophisticated and demanding investors. Folio allows us to manage every account with a few clicks, servicing smaller accounts in the same manner as large accounts. Folio’s brokerage and custody service is unique, innovative, and well respected across the industry.

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Folio Institutional is an independent third-party custodian and is not affiliated with Era Capital Management LLC.

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