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  • We define era as:

    era: [Noun] A period of time that belongs to you.

    The best decision an investor can make is to act now, not tomorrow.

    Time is your most valuable asset and today is your era.

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Tri-Cities Financial Advisor and Investment Management

We serve clients throughout Washington including the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and Mid-Columbia region.

What We Do

Portfolio Management

We manage your portfolio directly. You get access to a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds all inside one account.

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Retirement Planning

How much money will you need to retire comfortably? Do you have a plan? We can help you project the amount you may need to save towards your goal. 

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Fiduciary Duty

As a “Fee-Only” financial advisor we have a fiduciary duty to put you first. We are up front about fees and client’s best interest must come first 

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Who We Serve

Families & Individuals

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Small Business

We help small business owners understand their retirement savings options. Options such as SIMPLE and SEP IRA plans are easy and cost effective ways for owners and employees to save for retirement.  

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Charitable Organizations

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Investing that Matches your Financial Goals

Sophisticated-to-traditional, we manage your accounts in-house providing value, risk management and growth potential necessary for financial success.

Three-Dimensional Investment Approach

Era constructs clients investment accounts using a model-based portfolio management process.  All models are designed and managed in-house directly by the investment advisor.  We take diversification and risk management to the next level using a three-dimensional investment approach adding length and depth to your portfolio.  This investment process is active rather than passive.

Investment Management

High Standards

Fiduciary Duty

Clients deserve good advice and financial advisors need to be held to a higher standard. Era Capital Management believes in the fiduciary standard, client’s best interest must come first and the fee-only advisory relationship provides this.

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Era Capital Management LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), Firm #168089, with the State of Washington. Visit Investment Adviser Public Disclosure

Trusted Custodian

All client accounts are opened at a our preferred custodian Folio Institutional, a third-party institutional custodian. All accounts are opened in the client’s name, and Era Capital Management acts as the discretionary investment manager.


We hold client’s information in complete confidence. We maintain safeguards and procedures to ensure your information is kept safe and private.

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