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Era Capital Management

Era Capital Management is an independent, client focused Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that is committed to delivering highly professional, unbiased financial advice to investors. The client experience is personalized, strictly confidential and expressly designed to meet your specific goals and needs. Era’s committed to avoiding conflicts of interest and is why the firm have explicitly chosen what our industry refers to as a fee-only business model. This fiduciary model means advice, recommendations, and any chosen investment instruments are unconditionally aligned with your best interests. Era’s three-dimensional investment approach is an intensive in-house process that is results driven, while also preserving your hard earned wealth.

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Unique Investment Approach

Our portfolio management is unique. We take diversification and risk management to the next level using a three-dimensional investment approach that's built on logic rather than emotion.    

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Retirement Planning

How much money will you need to retire comfortably? Do you have a plan? We can help you project the amount you may need to save in order to reach your goals.
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Wealth Creation and Preservation

Building and creating wealth is the combination of hard work and time. Implementing a risk management strategy is crucial for protecting all that you worked hard for.
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Meet the Advisor

Near endless amounts of information play a role in how stocks, bonds and other financial assets perform. Economic data, political headlines, corporate earnings, even weather reports, can have an impact on the market. This barrage of noise creates confusion and drives many people to make impulsive investing decisions resulting in disappointing outcomes.

With more than a decade of experience in this industry, I realized that there must be a more objective way to take the emotion and the guessing out of investing. Creating a strategy for dealing with market turbulence is what led me to found Era Capital Management. Rather than reacting to the daily ebb and flow of the stock market, I developed a three-dimensional approach that is robust, unemotional and systematic when managing your assets.

I also wanted to ensure that you received value and flexibility. Era Capital Management is a technology based firm partnered with Goldman Sachs Custody Solutions, to provide low-cost and high quality client support. I’m committed to integrity, emphasize transparency, explain my investment strategies, and are always available to discuss your questions.

I am passionate about investing. That may seem obvious—after all; I founded an investment management firm. Portfolio management is more than a job, a hobby, a pastime and a livelihood it is my purpose and passion. It is my way to serve you, grow your wealth and help further your pursuits and passions.
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Jacob Deschenes - Investment Advisor