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Three-Dimensional Approach

Custom designed investment solutions managed in-house, elevating diversification and long-term confidence.

Era constructs clients investment accounts using a model-based portfolio management process.  We take diversification and risk management to the next level using a three-dimensional investment approach adding length and depth to your portfolio. This is an active management process that adapts to a dynamic world.

Each series (Opportunity, Controlled Advance and Prudent Investor) is engineered to address risks and opportunities differently using predefined buy and sell disciplines. Each model is briefly explained below.

Dynamic and Risk-Managed Portfolios

Opportunity Series

The Opportunity Series takes advantage of inefficiencies in the markets. It’s common for quality companies to be mispriced from time to time creating favorable risk/reward ratios in pursuit of capital growth.

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Controlled Advance Series

The Controlled Advance Series adjust risk through changing market environments using a custom built multi-variable differential calculus methodology. This active investment system seeks suitable risk to a given investment environment to participate in bull markets while avoiding the bear markets.

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Prudent Investor Series

The Prudent Investor Series is your more traditional investment approach. This series of passive portfolio strategies is designed to be held for long durations. No active buy-sell discipline is utilized in this series other than advantageous re-balancing over time.

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