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    A Three-Dimensional Approach

Dynamic and Risk-Managed Portfolios

Opportunity Series
(Contrarian Method)

The Opportunity Series takes advantage of inefficiencies in the markets. It's common for quality companies to be mispriced from time to time creating favorable risk/reward ratios in pursuit of capital growth.

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Controlled Advanced Series
(Trend Based Method) 

The Controlled Advance Series adjust risk through changing market environments using a custom built multi-variable differential calculus methodology. This active investment system seeks suitable risk to a given investment environment to participate in bull markets while avoiding the bear markets.

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Prudent Investor Series
(Buy and Hold Method)

The Prudent Investor Series is your more traditional investment approach. This series of passive portfolio strategies is designed to be held for long duration's. No active buy-sell discipline is utilized in this series other than advantageous re-balancing over time.

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Opportunity Series

Strategic Growth Opportunities (SGO)

This model portfolio takes advantage of inefficiencies in the markets. Occasionally, quality companies misprice, creating occasions for favorable risk/reward ratios in pursuit of growth.

Principal Investment and Risk Management Strategy

The (SGO) model is one of our proprietary portfolios. This individual stock strategy buys fundamentally robust Large or Mid-size companies when oversold, according to our custom-designed technical research. The portfolio sells when a stock reaches over-bought conditions. i.e., Buy stocks low and sell high with the help of mathematics and statistics. This aggressive strategy uses individual stocks with market caps greater than $2 billion. 

Strategy Highlights

Strategic – Data and statistics driven model using sophisticated formulas.

Growth – Seek out companies that have quality fundamentals.

Opportunities – Patiently wait for price anomalies and take advantage of value.

Principal Risks

As with any model that invests in stocks or bonds, the value of your investments will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money. (See attached firm brochure, Form ADV, for more risk disclosures) 

Past performance is no guarantee of future results and no strategy can assure success.